Sunday, April 29, 2012

Module 4 - Connectivism Mindmap


How has your network changed the way you learn?

- Right now in life, I use the Internet and my networks more than every.  I think this is because I'm able to have interaction with so many different people through doing so.  Each of my networks involves numerous people who are connected in the same way that I am to them.  This allows us to have similar concerns and experiences within the area of focus.  I can easily get the answer to a question or provide information to another person with the connections that we make througout these networks.

Which digital tools best facilitate learning for you? 

- Surprisingly enough, I get more information through social networking than any others.  These communities have grown up so much that they are now becoming more for information purposes than entertainment like I think they were initially created for.  I think they facilitate learning for me best because they include such a vast variety and amount of members that are sharing their information and experiences as well.

How do you learn new knowledge when you have questions?

- Whenever I have a question, I'm able to simply through it out there and I just wait to get responses back.  I often do this on my personal Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.  It can be a serious question, or just one that has just been puzzling me.  Either way, I've been able to get answers without delay whenever I have been searching for new information.

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