Sunday, April 1, 2012

Module 2 - Cognitivism as a Learning Theory

I agree with Karl Kapp when he stated that “we need to take pieces from each school of thought and apply it effectively because…Cognitivism doesn’t explain 100% how humans process information and neither does Constructivism or Behaviorism” (2007, ¶ 3).  Bill Kerr’s blog contained a statement that went right along with Kapp’s thoughts.   He stated that “it seems to me that each _ism is offering something useful without any of them being complete or stand alone in their own right” (2007, ¶ 10).  Seeing that these are all based on the thoughts of others, there will never be one clear cut answer to how learners learn.  This debate can go on forever, especially considering the fact that as time progresses, other learning theories will continue to develop. 

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