Sunday, January 13, 2013

Major Assessment 4: Assessment of Technology Proficiencies, UDL Presentation: Sharing Ideas and Building Resources

  • Universal Design for Learning is a framework for guiding educational practice
  • Flexibility in presentation of information, in how students respond/demonstrate  knowledge and skills, and in student engagement
  • Reduces barriers in instruction, creates accommodations, supports and challenges for all students including those with disabilities and limited English proficiency

Description of Audience

  • 45 teachers and administrators that work with all levels of students at Hogg Middle School
    • 24 core subject area teachers
    • 10 elective teachers
    • 6 special education teachers
    • 5 administrators

Timeline for presentation

  • Inspiration for UDL (3 minutes)
  • Neural networks of UDL (7 minutes)
  • Central role of technology in UDL (3 minutes)
  • Potential impact of UDL on student learning in your workplace (4 minutes)
  • Summary of what brain research tells us about learning differences (4 minutes)
  • Implications of those differences for instruction and learning (4 minutes)
  • CAST online tools and resources (5 minutes)

Supplemental Resources

Link or embedding of digital presentation


I chose to create a PowerPoint for my presentation because it is a form of technology that all of my staff is familiar with no matter what level of tech savviness that they are at.  It will also be easier to use no matter if we would do the presentation as a whole group or if it would be emailed to them to work through within a given amount of time.  

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