Sunday, August 7, 2011

Static -vs- Dynamic Technologies

As a student, we interact with both static and dynamic technologies on a regular basis.  Those that are static seem to be what I have interacted with the most during my course program thus far.  I have worked with many of the dynamic technologies, but most have been on a personal level rather than in my distance education experience.  I think as time moves forward, we will be able to see more dynamic technologies being embraced and brought into more learning environments.


  1. I hadn't really thought about it until I read your post, but, as a student, I haven't engaged in too many dynamic technologies either. Why do you think it is that distance education doesn't incorporate more dynamic technology tools? What are the major road blocks to incorporating more dynamic learning into a diverse online environment?

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Through our distance learning education environment, we have had the opportunity to work with both static and dynamic technology media tools. However, I have evaluated my teaching practices, and I find myself needing to make more purposeful decisions on selecting my technology media tools in the traditional classroom setting.


  3. Ashley,
    Even though we have not had to use many of the dynamic tools thus far, strap in because we are about to get a taste. We are about to have to use video conferencing via Skype. To be honest, I am a bit nervous. I have never used this tool. Do you feel the school should offer any training in the innovations that we are required to use in the classes (wiki, blog, Skype)? I think if they don't offer at least basic training, they should give us a heads up about the different tools so that we can familiarize ourselves with them before the assignment is due. -Belinda V