Monday, July 11, 2011

Motivating Adult Learners Storyboard

Here's my storyboard from the video presentation.  Please send me any feedback that you may have and also all suggestions on methods to create the video, other ideas, etc.  Thanks!! 

  •        During the beginning of the video I will define what motivation is and also determine what makes someone an adult learner.

What’s the difference…?
  •        Many people think that you can address most learners in the same style, but this is indeed not true.  It’s very dependent upon the type of learner you are working with.  Following the introduction, I will discuss the differences between adult and youth learners.

Importance of Motivation in Education
  •        Understanding why motivation is vital within education is very necessary to ensure student success.  Here I will discuss its importance and focus on why it is particularly important for adult learners.

Suggestions on how to motivate adult learners
  •      There are many methods that can and should be used to keep adult learners motivated throughout their learning process.  Here I will share some methods on how this can be done successfully.


Some resources being used for this video include:


  1. Ashley,
    I believe that many people put all college students in the same category. No matter if an individual is a tradition student or someone like me, married with a child and a job, we are all "college students" to many. However, I definitely to NOT consider myself to be in the same category as a college student fresh out of high school. Therefore, what motivates them may not motivate me. Great storyboard:) -Belinda V.

  2. Ashley,
    Great storyboard. I also agree that adult learners need different motivation than traditional learners. Some suggestions I would make would be to try to find some catchy video clip or graphic which would capture the audience’s attention. Again, good job! -Sandra

  3. Ashley,

    It looks like you have a great oultine for your topic. In fact, I can't think of any questions off the top of my head that it doesn't look like you're going to answer in your presentation. However, I do have a question about the format of your video. It looks like you have a few video clips that you might include, but what will the rest of your video be? Will it just be you talking in front of the camera as if you were presenting at a conference? Are you planning to include voice over still images?